UPDATE! I read some Marx and I liked it!

06.07.2010 Update: eine erste Mixversion gibts schon:


I thought I just wanted to pass;
Good grades were all I cared for.
My college made me take the class
More stuff for me to ignore!
But then I found out that
His theories weren‘t so bad:
Labor and class combat,
What a very clever man!

I read some Marx, and I liked it;
The friend of the proletariat.
I read some Marx, just to try it;
Hope Adam Smith don‘t mind it!
It felt so wrong,
It felt so right;
Men of the working class, unite!
I read some Marx, and I liked it;
I liked it!

There is a spectre hanging o‘er
The face of Europe!
‚Tis communism, and it’s more
Than just a social hiccup.
A time will come soon when
The masses rise as one
To carve out their place in
The brand new poetry to come!


Marx is the man, he’s working for you;
The bourgeoisie, they just ain‘t your crew.
Alienation of labor is bad,
Commodification is not a good fad.
The capitalists are greedy you see;
A shorter workday, now that’s what we need!
I‘m reading some Marx, and I‘m liking it;
Rise up now, proletariat!


02.07.2010: Echt Geil, ich hoffe auf viele viele Remixes :D


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3 Antworten auf „UPDATE! I read some Marx and I liked it!“

  1. 1 cap 06. Juli 2010 um 16:26 Uhr

    das original liegt aber immer noch deutlich vor der pimed version bei den klicks. find es auch iwie besser, weil so schön einfach gehalten…

  2. 2 Travers 06. Juli 2010 um 17:45 Uhr

    die pimped version is ja auch erst einen tag alt, und sicher viel seltener verlinkt.

    finde den sound n ganzes stück netter.

  1. 1 I read some Marx, and I liked it « URS – Ultras Roter Stern Pingback am 21. Juli 2010 um 18:38 Uhr
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